Aprovechamos Activos

No construimos recursos. Aprovechamos Activos

Ni construimos ni reutilizamos recursos. Aprovechamos activos, propios y de terceros, para incorporar los elementos necesarios a la nueva aventura.
Personas, Conocimiento, Metodologías, Iniciativas y Frameworks

Estructura de una Aventura

de una Venture

Cada venture tiene una estructura compuesta por los diferentes modelos en los que convergen los intereses de los stakeholders

Modelo de Negocio

Disciplinas aplicadas de acuerdo con la definición del modelo de negocio

Modelo de negocio


Embracing a comprehensive partnership strategy including risk & revenue sharing, on a win-win basis

Strategic Planning

Considering long-term goals, opportunities and risks, and a strong but flexible action plan

Corporate Development

Establishing the basis for a solid organizational, financial and, if needed, management evolution roadmap.

Talent Development

Designing and implementing the processess and resources for coaching, mentoring and training the Venture Team

Corporate Culture

Modeling the beliefs and behaviors for people interaction, promoting satisfaction and positive awareness

Sales Planning

Setting up the proper objectives, scenarios, premises and assumptions, actions, metrics and monitoring model


Including data protection standards, business specific compliance frameworks and regulation policies


Defining a broad economics toolbox, under an exponential view, with special focus on investing and exiting plans

Modelo de Comunicación

Áreas de acción internas y externas

Modelo de comunicación

Design Thinking

To promote an out-of-the-box approach for the digital venture model, under an holistical vision and construction


To balance the right mix between the pull and push marketing actions, to reach every target in an optimized manner

Brand Building

To put in place powerful visual and verbal identities, based upon solid promises and values, in order to maximize brand awareness

Customer experience

To excel in the search for user satisfaction and loyalty through the appropriate usage of digital channels and services

Business Intelligence

To implement a powerful data model that combines forecasting, benchmarking, data mining, analytics and reporting techniques


To develop, when needed, an end to end strategy that embraces content, interaction, community, products and processes design

Corporate Culture

To modelize the beliefs and behaviors for people interaction, promoting satisfaction and positive awareness


To design and manage the ecosystem that will surround the venture in terms of networking, media sharing, content and conversation

Modelo Técnico

Dominios de apoyo a los procesos de la Venture

Modelo técnico


Use disruptive Distributed Ledger Technology to implement smart contracts, tokenize assets, track payments and other disruptive usages

of things

Build and architectural schema which allows integration and data exchange between the physical world and computer systems

Big Data and Analytics

Take more informed decisions and execute accurate actions driven by a deeper understanding of your data upon predictive models


Design and deliver resources and services on a virtual platform on-demand, on a scalable, self service and pay-as-you go basis

Atificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Take advantage of emerging technologies including robotic process automation, natural language processing) and deep learning


Protect computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed for exploitation

Agile SDLC

Adopt a flexible approach to software development in a fast-paced environment with ever-changing customer needs

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